Sushma Koirala Memorial Nursing Campus (SKMNC)
SUSHMA KOIRALA MEMORIAL NURSING CAMPUS (SKMNC) was established under the direct supervision and management of SUSHMA KOIRALA MEMORIAL TRUST (SKMT). SUSHMA KOIRALA MEMORIAL NURSING CAMPUS is affiliated with the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) for its PCL Nursing degree, and Pruvanchal University for its B.Sc. Nursing degree. The academic operation of the campus commenced from Fiscal Year 2057/058. The campus is established with the following objectives:
  • To produce effective, skilled and professional health workers, and to develop the campus as a resource centre in the fields of health care and health education.
  • To work towards making the national health education system more rational, effective and significant with health training policies.

The campus is committed to imparting quality nursing education to young women. Imparting quality education is a challenging job. The campus, however, has accepted this challenge by working to ensure and to maintain a high academic standard.

The campus has also received several recognitions from the government and non governmental bodies till date for its academic excellence.

SUSHMA KOIRALA MEMORIAL B.Sc. NURSING CAMPUS has commenced its 4 years Bachelor level class of Nursing from Fiscal Year 2071, and is affiliated with Purvanchal University, Biratnagar and recognized by the Academy of Nursing. The campus has the following objectives:
  • To expand the campus broadly in the field of health education by producing skilled, effective and efficient health workers.
  • To make the national health education system more systematic and organized, effective and relevant in line with health trainings and national health objectives.
Goals & Objectives
  • To conduct professional training by providing quality health education in a sound academic environment with modern medically equipped facilities.
  • To develop the campus as a learning resource center by ensuring organizational stability and continuity.
  • To follow a student-centered curriculum that is community and need based and train different levels of health man-power, starting from the Proficiency Certificate Level - PCL and B.Sc. Nursing. It is also planned to upgrade this campus by the establishment of various inter-related subjects.
  • To develop the necessary systems to provide high quality comprehensive and cost effective health care to the maximum number of needy people.
  • To work for making the national health education system more organized, effective and relevant and in line with the government's health policies.
  • To develop quality training focused on providing the nation with professional man-power so as to give them the skills to compete in national and international areas.
  • To produce efficient, skilled and professional health workers in the health sector, who will benefit  society and are capable of continuously enhancing their own skills and efficiency.

For more infomation on admission procedures or general information please contact:

Sushma Koirala Memorial Trust: 014650171, 014650209
Sushma Koirala Memorial Nursing Campus: 014451153, 014451154